Approaches and Principles

Guiding principles and approaches of the Challenges Forum:

  • To convene an impartial and informal space for in-depth and sincere dialogue, to share knowledge and experiences, and generate innovative ideas towards more effective peace operations. 
  • To contribute to the development of peace operations, while mainstreaming crosscutting important perspectives such as climate-related security risks, technical development, mis- and disinformation and youth participation. 
  • To contribute to more gender responsive peace operations, through the Women, Peace, and Security agenda. 
  • To be an inclusive global platform with a broad and balanced representation, facilitating bridges between different key actors, dimensions, and approaches, such as: 
    • Civilian – military – police components; 
    • UN – regional organizations – host countries; 
    • Theory – policy – practice. 
Discissions taking place at the Challenges Annual Forum 2022. Photo: Mustafa Quraishi