2018 Recommendations

The Challenges Annual Forum 2018 was organized 28-29 November in Stockholm, by our Partners Folke Bernadotte Academy and the Swedish Armed Forces, in support of the UN Secretary-General’s initiative Action for Peacekeeping (A4P).

These recommendations are part of the conference summary and they are grouped according to eight ‘Areas of Action’ identified by the Secretariat to take forward A4P.

To read the full Annual Forum Report 2018, click here.

Support the use of peacekeeping assessed funds to enable more programmatic activities in peace operations.Stakeholder action: Member States,

Ensure that mission personnel including leadership are accountable for including gender disaggregated data and integrating gender perspectives to

Assess the type of information and analysis needed from the ground to inform the work of pen-holders and

Examine options to strengthen some of the functions in the Office for Strategic Peacekeeping Partnerships, including through more

Apply an atrocity prevention lens as part of a peace and conflict analysis to assess the risks to

Undertake a comprehensive analysis mapping the relative comparative advantages of UN peace operations, and regionally-led peace operations and

Develop a database of different complex and challenging scenarios that peacekeepers have been confronted with in the field

Ensure rigorous application of the UN Human Rights Screening Policy in order to ensure Member States do not