Consolidated recommendations to advance the A4P Agenda

These are the consolidated and prioritized key recommendations  formulated by the Challenges Forum partnership to catalyse and support further action by Member States, the UN Secretariat, and Field Missions in their efforts to advance the UN’s Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) agenda and deliver more effective peace operations.

The recommendations align with the two strategic objectives that the Challenges Forum partnership has agreed to implement from 2019 to 2023.

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Advancing political solutions is central to the work of peace operations. Efforts to enhance the political impact of

Efforts to advance women, peace and security through the A4P agenda are focused on the full, equal and

Civilians expect peace operations to protect them. Efforts to strengthen the protection provided by peacekeeping operations are focused

Improving the safety and security of peacekeepers is essential to the performance of peacekeepers and to the conduct

Efforts to strengthen performance and accountability are focused on uniformed and civilian components in peace operations. As part

Peacekeeping has a fundamental role in sustaining peace. Efforts to strengthen the impact of peacekeeping on sustaining peace

Peace operations require partnerships. Efforts to improve peacekeeping partnerships focus on enhancing cooperation between regional and sub-regional organizations

Efforts to strengthen the conduct of peacekeepers and peacekeeping operations are focused on conduct and discipline measures, implementation