2022 Key Takeaways

The Challenges Annual Forum 2022 was held 6-7 October in New Delhi, on the theme ‘Future of Peace Operations’. It was co-hosted by our partner the United Service Institution of India (USI).

These key takeaways offer a summary of the discussions that took place at the Annual Forum.

Increased attacks on peacekeepers in field missions are alarming and directly affect their ability to engage with and

Better and more skills, tools, and resources are needed to understand digital social media landscapes to avoidgrowing threats

Regional organizations and security arrangements play important roles in the maintenance of peace and security. It is crucial

It is important to acknowledge the limits of peace operations, particularly in UN mission settings with lighter footprints

Effective protection of civilians is important for the credibility of peace operations. Mission planning and operational responses need

Strategic foresight through timely, integrated data and digital technologies will significantly improve the performance as well as the

More creative and adaptable mandates will allow fit-for-purpose field missions with the operational freedom and flexibility to effectively

The ‘New Agenda for Peace’ constitutes a momentum to advance a more comprehensive and integrated approach to international

Sustainable political solutions addressing underlying causes of conflict should continue to be at the core of peace operations.

In a world of growing polarization with critical converging threats to international stability, the ‘New Agenda for Peace’