National Defence College in cooperation with the Nigerian Army, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria.

The National Defence College (NDC) is the highest military education institution in Nigeria and has been actively participating in peace support operations training and related activities since its inception. The Centre for Strategic Research and Studies has the responsibility of coordinating peacekeeping training in Nigeria. It is dedicated to the preparation of senior military and paramilitary officers and their civilian counterparts from strategic ministries, agencies, and departments of the Federal Government, and officers from other countries for higher responsibilities at strategic level. The NDC, formerly known as National War College, was established in 1992. The direction of its affairs is decided by the Board of Governors, comprising the Minister of Defence, Chief of Defence Staff, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, Chief of Air Staff, Commandant NDC, and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence.

The NDC imparts knowledge and develops the expertise and skills of selected senior military and civilian officers through a firm understanding of the essential factors that impact on national security, and prepare them for higher responsibilities at operational and strategic levels in national and international assignments.  

The  objective of the collage are to:

  • Prepare senior military and civilian officers for operational and strategic level responsibilities at national and international environments.
  • Underpin leadership and command functions with a firm understanding of geographical considerations affecting Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of elements of national power which will aid in the formulation of grand national strategy.
  • Provide knowledge of the political and strategic framework for policy making and operations in joint and multinational environments.
  • Relate within a democratic framework, the higher management of defence to the broader national interests.
  • Undertake advanced academic research at national strategic policy level.
  • Proffer policy recommendations on specific national and international issues that border on national security.

Since 2001, the Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the UN, Chair of the UN Special Committee of Peacekeeping, engages in and regularly chairs meetings of the Challenges Forum. In 2004, the Nigerian Defence College in cooperation with the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, and Armed Forces Joint Staff, hosted a Challenges seminar on ‘Regional Dimensions of Peace Operations in the 21st Century: Arrangements, Relationships, and the United Nations in its Responsibility for International Peace and Security’. NDC has co-chaired the working group on ‘Authority, Command and Control’ for the report ‘Designing Mandates and Capabilities for Future Peace Operations’

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