2019 Recommendations

The 2019 Challenges Annual Forum was hosted 10 – 11 June in Montreal by the Government of Canada, and gathered more than 120 participants. The theme was A4P:Improving on Political Strategy, Peacebuilding, Mission Management and Transitions to Enduring Peace.

These key recommendations offer a summary of the discussions that took place as part of the Annual Forum.

To read the full Annual Forum report 2019, click here.

Consider more innovative approaches to roles and responsibilities in drafting the mandates of peace operations (e.g. opening up

Undertake more comprehensive analysis on the contribution and impact of women in peace operations on the basis of

Examine whether existing selection criteria allows for an assessment of a candidate’s willingness to be mentored and trained.Stakeholder

Ensure mission leaders, in partnership with national actors, use ‘theories of change’ or change management strategies, based on

Analyze and identify the comparative advantages and limits of UN peace operations, mapping the skills and resources that

Undertake a stock-take in 2020 to assess level of progress and impact in the field as part of