2020 Recommendations

The first virtual Challenges Annual Forum 2020 was held 7–11 December, focusing at ‘Framing Peace Operations in a Changing Global Landscape’. Co-hosted by our Partners ISS in South Africa, the MFA Indonesia and NUPI in Norway.

These key recommendations offer a summary of the discussions that took place at the Annual Forum. 

They are grouped under the three cumulative ‘dialogue strands’ as well as the first plenary discussion.

To read the full Annual Forum Report, click here

Peace operations are delivered by partnerships. All stakeholders involved in peace operations need to continue to provide political

The AU-UN partnership is essential for the delivery of peace operations on the African continent. Yet there is

Peace operations need to more comprehensively deliver on efforts to build and sustain peace. For peace operations to

Understanding the factors that make peace operations effective is critical to ongoing efforts to strengthen mission performance. It