2017 Recommendations

The Challenges Annual Forum 2017 was hosted 8 – 10 October in Istanbul by the Center for Strategic Research of the MFA Turkey(SAM).

More than 70 participants took part in the dialogues, under the theme ‘Leading United Nations Peace Operations: Priorities and Ways’.

These recommendations aim to inform the forthcoming review of the Considerations Study, as well as more general recommendations as they relate to senior mission leadership in UN peace operations emerging from the Annual Forum 2017.

To read the full Annual Forum report 2017, click here.

Considerations Study needs to be reviewed significantly to better reflect the role and importance of mission leaders in

Considerations Study needs to be reviewed signifcantly to better refect the role and importance of mission leaders in

Mission leaders need to consider their roles in engaging other leaders and regional organisations when it comes to

Revised the defnition of civil society in the Considerations Study and update accordingly. Develop a concrete methodology for

Ensure the Human Rights Due Diligence Policy is being applied when cooperating with national, parallel and regional forces.

Undertake a review of the Considerations Study to include developments since the development of the Strategic Guidance Framework

Create new output on the issue of addressing terrorism and violent extremism in the chapter ‘Creating a Secure

Consider role and opportunities for cooperation with other Security Council mechanisms (e.g. sanctions) and regional organisations that may

Identify how to incorporate new and emerging communication platforms internally within mission and with externalactors. Establish efective mechanisms

Ensure scenario-based training modules include comprehensive treatment of issues related to UNSCR 1325 and 2250, as well as

Include more comprehensive treatment of mission transition strategies and what this means for leadership in Considerations Study.

Outline all the ‘harms’ whether intentional or unintentional that occur when undertaking peacekeeping operations, including environmental and economic