Challenges Forum Spoke on Training for Leadership at the IAPTC Annual Conference in Lima

Challenges Forum International Secretariat (CFIS) participated in the 25th International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC) conference in Lima, Peru, 7-10 October. The theme of the conference was “Training for Effective Peace Operations: Renewing Commitments and Advancing Partnerships”. The Conference brought together international organizations, training centres and institutions, universities, think tanks and research scholars from over 40 countries.

Dr. Björn Holmberg, Director; and Maj. Gen. (Retd) Robert Gordon, Senior Advisor to CFIS, participated in a panel discussion on training for leadership. Dr. Björn Holmberg introduced the ‘Considerations’ project which highlights some of the central trade-offs and tensions that mission leadership may face when executing their mandate.

Panelists: Ambassador Ashraf Swelam, Director of CCCPA; UN Police Advisor Luis Carrilho; Dr. Björn Holmberg, Director of CFIS; Brigadier General Giovanni Barbano; Vice Minister of Defense Gen. Hernán Felipe Flores Ayala, Peru; Ms. Sandi Arnold; and Maj. Gen. (Retd) Robert Gordon, Senior Advisor to CFIS, on the theme “Training for Leadership”

During the two day conference, CFIS furthermore had the opportunity to share recommendations from Challenges Annual Forum “A4P: Improving on Political Strategy, Peacebuilding, Mission Management and Transitions to Enduring Peace.”