Challenges Forum Visits Uruguay and SINOMAPA

How can Latin American perspectives on peace operations strengthen the work of the Challenges Forum? On 16 and 17 October, Dr. Björn Holmberg, Director of the Challenges Forum International Secretariat (CFIS), visited Uruguay to meet with key stakeholders in the country to learn more about the Uruguay’s priorities on peace operations, and to explore possibilities for future collaboration.

In the middle, General Mario Stevenazzi, Army Chief of Staff and
Director of SINOMAPA; to his left, Mr. Claudio Alonso, Director General of Defense Policies
MOD; and to the right Dr. Björn Holmberg, Challenges Forum International Secretariat (CFIS).

Uruguay has a long history of UN peacekeeping, almost 70 years, and is presently engaged with troop contributions to the Golan Hight’s (UNDOF), with a mechanized battalion in MONUSCO in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as with police, military observers, and staff contributions worldwide.

During the visit to Montevideo, CFIS had a constructive dialogue with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Defense, as well as the National Peacekeeping Support System – SINOMAPA. The latter illustrates an exemplary national coordination mechanism, where all key stakeholders meet to coordinate the national engagement in UN peace operations.

In the sessions, the hosts and CFIS agreed that future collaboration would strengthen the Challenges Forum by adding Uruguay’s valuable experience, expertise and perspective to the Partnership’s work to improve the effectiveness of peace operations.