Collective security discussion in the UNSC

When Ghana convened an Arria-formula meeting in the UN Security Council, CFIS Director Pernilla Rydén was one of the appreciated speakers.

The meeting held on the 27th of July was titled “Collective security through equitable burden sharing: strengthening regional arrangements for the maintenance of international peace and security”. According to the concept note prepared by Ghana, regional and sub-regional organisations are playing an increasingly prominent role in addressing threats to international peace and security. Nevertheless, their efforts to address root causes and drivers of conflict have been undermined by financing gaps and an inadequate level of cooperation with the Security Council.

Pernilla Rydén highlighted the need for partnerships that build on the principles of equality, complimentarity and comparative advantages to address threats to peace and security on the African continent.

“The importance of tackle the underlying causes of conflict cannot be overstated, it must be part of the solution”, Pernilla Rydén said.

She also emphasized the importance to continue to reflect on the changing nature of conflicts as well as on how best to support and complement an evolving AU Peace & Security Architecture, within the framework of multilateralism and global solidarity.

The permanent mission of Ghana to the UN expressed its profound appreciation to the CFIS Director’s contribution to the debate, which helped to enrich the discussions.

The Arria-formula meeting took place in the ECOSOC chamber and was open to representatives of all UN member states.