Challenges Forum Expert Group on Emerging Issues for Peace Operations – e-tool of Considerations

On 19 November 2020, the Challenges Forum Expert Group on Emerging Issues, met to discuss the development of a leadership e-toolkit.

Mission leadership and management is one of the Challenges Forum Partnership’s strategic priorities. During in 2018-2020, the Partnership collaborated to revise the ‘Considerations for Mission Leadership in United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping Operations’ – a reference guide for new practitioners on the principles and concepts underpinning the core functions, as well as the challenges in peace operations.

The meeting participants agreed on the importance of having an e-tool which can serve as foundational material in peacekeeping training programmes,  and support practitioners in the field.

The Expert Group stressed the need to select a fit-for-purpose platform conducive for hybrid-learning pedagogy: user-friendly, accessible and can be tailored to the different needs of the end-user.