Does Peacekeeping Work?

The Effectiveness of Peace Operation Network (EPON), Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI), and Challenges Forum hosted a panel which responded – yes, if…there is a political strategy, resources are related to mandate, the limits of peace operations are understood as ONE of several tool for peace, peacebuilding is integrated, and the host country is engaged from the outset. This at the Stockholm Forum for Peace and Development on May 14, 2019 hosted by SIPRI and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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In the panel: Sharon Wiharta, Challenges Forum; Barrie Freeman, UN PBSO/DPPA; Cedric H. de Coning, NUPI/EPON Network; Lt., Gen. Dennis MINUSMA; Alexandra Novosseloff, IPI; Jair van der Lijn, SIPRI; Efraim Gomez, Swedish MFA; Ashraf Swelam, CCCPA