Force Intervention Brigade: A Sea Change for UN Peace Operations?

The seminar was held in New York on 17 January 2014 and co-hosted by the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nation.

The high level panel discussion aimed to address:

  • What are the conditions for success?
  • What are the doctrinal implications from the deployment of the intervention brigade?
  • What impact will it have on the principles of  ‘the use of force’  in future UN peace operations?
  • Is the Intervention Brigade sui generis or are we witnessing a shift in the type of peace operations mandated?
  • And what are the potential implications for future UN missions in non-permissive environments, such as South Sudan and the Central African Republic?
High Level Panel Discussions were held.

Outcome and output:

  • The results of the high-level panel discussion will directly feed into the ongoing global policy debate on the required concepts and doctrines for peacekeeping operations.
  • An immediate outcome and output is a policy brief that will be widely disseminated.
  • The discussions will also feed into a forthcoming Challenges Forum report on Designing Mandates and Capabilities for Future Peace Operations that will be launched at the UN in the second mid-2014.