Looking to the Future – Peace Operations in 2015

The Challenges Partners and key representatives of the United Nations, African Union, European Union, and NATO met in New York 13-14 November 2007 to address “Looking to the Future – Peace Operations in 2015”. Particular but not exclusive focus was placed on doctrines and principles for multidimensional peace operations – possibilities for enhanced interoperability and harmonization of efforts?


The Challenges Forum Seminar gave attention to important new challenges, developments and trends in the area of multidimensional peace operations.

Looking to the Future

The seminar took a long-term view on critical, emerging situations and challenges for multidisciplinary peace operations. The aim was to discuss possible developments, scenarios, and emerging issues that may come to pose major challenges to the international community and its peacekeepers leading up to 2015. A background paper was developed in cooperation with Dr Bruce Jones, Director of the Center on International Cooperation, New York University.

Doctrines and Principles for Multidimensional Peace Operations

The second session of the Challenges Forum Seminar explored the status of current principles and doctrines for modern multidisciplinary peace operations. The participants were given the opportunity to discuss the United Nations and regional doctrines and to explore whether or not they provide effective guidance and support to the planning, conduct and evaluation of current and future peace operations. A background paper was developed in cooperation with Maj Gen. (retd.) Robert Gordon, Fmr United Nations Force Commander and United Nations Consultant on Doctrine Development, and distrubuted before the event.


The participants of the Challenges Forum Seminar 2007 were key officials of United Nations, African Union, European Union, and NATO, the Challenges Forum Partner Organizations and the representatives of their permanent missions to the UN.