Webinar on Small Arms and Ammunitions Management in Peace Operations

On September 12, Challenges Forum, in collaboration with Institute for Security Studies (ISS), Small Arms Survey (SAS), and the International Peace Institute (IPI), held a webinar on Small Arms and Ammunitions Management in Peace Operations.

The webinar introduce listeners to SAS research on contemporary challenges and ongoing efforts to strengthen  weapons and ammunition management in peacekeeping operations. Eric Berman, the Director of SAS, gives a brief overview of findings highlighting that the loss of lethal materiel from peace operations is greater than previously understood. The panelists further discuss conditions for enhanced management, the linkages to security sector reform (SSR) and demobilization, disarmament and reintegration programs (DDR).

Watch the webinar on our YouTube channel



Dr Björn Holmberg, Director, Challenges Forum International Secretariat (CFIS)       


Ms Sharon Wiharta, Peace Operations Specialist, CFIS


Mr. Eric Berman, Director Small Arms Survey

Mr. Arthur Boutellis, Non-Resident Senior Adviser, International Peace Institute (IPI)

Dr. Nelson Alusala, Senior Researcher, Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS)

Note: Dr. Nelson Alusala could unfortunately not participate due to technical difficulties