Meeting with Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS)

Challenges Forum International Secretariat visited partner institution IPSS in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 14 November. The purpose of the visit was to engage and learn more about IPSS and learn more about the important work for peace and security that IPSS does, as well as strengthening the partnership. Challenges Forum International Secretariat held a presentation about the Challenges Forum Partnership for heads of departments, research assistants and other team members. The presentation was followed by interesting reflection and thought-provoking questions from the IPSS team.

Challenges Forum International Secretariat and the IPSS team.
Ms. Rubiyat Mohammed Seid, Coordinator, Policy Dialogues, at the African Peace and Security Programme, IPSS, Ms. Maria Bedford, Senior Desk Officer, Challenges Forum International Secretariat and Ms. Emelie Hanna, Associate Desk Offcier, Challenges Forum International Secretariat.

A fruitful meeting was also held with the Director of IPSS, Dr. Yonas Adaye Adeto and the Director of Africa Peace and Security Programme and Head of the Secretariat of Tana Forum, Ms. Michelle Ndiaye, with the purpose to further the planning of next year’s joint Challenges Forum event.

Director of Challenges Forum International Secretariat, Dr. Björn Holmberg, and the Director of IPSS, Dr. Yonas Adaye Adeto.