Background Paper: A Tale of Two “Peaces”: Peacebuilding in the Twenty-First Century

As China’s comprehensive national strength keeps increasing apace, its role in global governance is now a heated topic. At the same time, President Xi Jinping has expressed strong willingness to actively participating in reforming the global governance system. Under such a background, China is no longer merely an ordinary participant of many important global affairs, but also a leader. When it comes to the norm regime of global governance, China’s international identity has expanded from a norm taker to a norm contributor. As the largest intergovernmental organization, the United Nations (UN) is one of the key actors of global governance as well as the most important platform of international politics.

This background paper was authored by He Yin, an Associate Professor at the China Peacekeeping Police Training Center (CPPTC), for the Challenges Annual Forum 2018. The Annual Forum was hosted by the Folke Bernadotte Academy and the Swedish Armed Forces on the theme ’Action for Peacekeeping – Strengthening the Effectiveness of Future Peace Operation’.

This paper is a forthcoming piece within the framework of the China-Swiss Dialogue on Conflict Prevention, published by Quaker United Nations Office/American Friends Service Committee/Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.