Challenges Annual Forum Report 2020

The Virtual Annual Forum (VCAF20) set out to examine how to sustain effective peace operations within this changing global landscape. The key objective of the recurrent event is to formulate concrete policy recommendations on ‘how’ to reform peace operations in this global context, while also identifying which actors would be best positioned to take forward such reforms. This report captures the discussions and recommendations that emerged throughout the virtual forum.

The Challenges Annual Forum 2020 was hosted virtually from 7–11 December 2020. More
than 180 participants from 23 countries, the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), regional
organisations, academia and think tanks took part in the virtual dialogue during the week,
which was co-hosted by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in South Africa, the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, and the Norwegian Institute for International
Affairs (NUPI). The theme for the Annual Forum was Framing Peace Operations in a Changing
Global Landscape. Drawing on presentations from senior UN officials, current and former UN
mission leaders, experts, researchers, and working group discussions, this first virtual forum
provided a platform to examine existing challenges to peace operations, exchange views and
discuss recommendations to ensure peace operations remain positioned to adapt to the
changed needs on the ground.