Addressing capability gaps more systematically

Deeper AU-UN partnership arrangements need to help to address technical and capability gaps
of AU PSO’s more systematically, with EU as a strategic partner in this context.

Key takeaways from CAF23:

  1. AU’s own capacities. Over the past two decades, AU has become a key actor in preventing and responding to conflicts on the African continent. However, the lack of predictable funding, procurement delays and lack of capacities limits the efficacy and impact of AU PSO’s. It is key for the AU to further develop its operational and logistical capabilities as well as its ability to plan, deploy, manage, sustain, and finance its peace support operations. A more systematic and coordinated approach together with international partners and peacekeeping training centres is needed to ensure AU PSO’s are well trained and equipped.
  2. Inter-operability. Joint UN-AU planning guidelines will allow for better inter-operability of UN-supported AU operations. More systematic coordination of international and bilateral supportive efforts is also needed.
  3. A win-win investment. To better address and resolve operational capacity gaps is a win-win approach for both the organisation leading an operation, and all the organisations and actors that are supporting it. Models for reporting results and measuring performance should ideally be developed within the respective partnerships. Existing and adopted approaches should be used as much as possible.
  4. Power of Youth. Since over 70 per cent of the African population is under the age of 30, young people should not have to prove their value, they should be given a “real” role in peace processes as ‘partners of change’ and political agents. The transformational role of the youth should be used in addressing gaps in conflict prevention and the protection of civilians in mission transitions. It is paramount to involve and engage African youth in shaping a more peaceful and prosperous future for a continent with so much untapped potential. Investing in young people’s organizations is the pathway to sustainable peace.