Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

  1. Ensure mission leaders, in partnership with national actors, use ‘theories of change’ or change management strategies, based on salient drivers of peace and conflict, to support peacebuilding during mission planning and implementation.
    Stakeholder action: Secretariat, Member States, Field Missions
  1. Include contingencies for ‘unplanned’ transitions as part of planning scenarios for the mission.
    Stakeholder action: Secretariat, Field Missions
  1. Ensure early mission planning processes clearly map the different stakeholders, with analysis of how they are perceived by the local community (e.g. government, armed groups, regional actors etc.) and their motivations, in order to identify key stakeholders to prioritize engagement with in the development and implementation of a political strategy.
    Stakeholder action: Field Missions
  1. Ensure there is dedicated resource in the mission (eg: In the Strategic Planning Unit) with transition and change management experience.
    Stakeholder action: Secretariat, Field Missions, Member states
  1. Develop baselines for the effective transition of a peace operation, which identify the opportunities and risks at different stages of the mission lifecycle.
    Stakeholder action: Secretariat, Field Missions, Think tanks