Performance and accountability

Efforts to strengthen performance and accountability are focused on uniformed and civilian components in peace operations. As part of A4P, these include commitments by member states to provide well-trained and well-equipped personnel, the effective delivery of peacekeeping training and applications of the human rights screening policy, as well as avoiding caveats which have an impact on mandate implementation. For the Secretariat, that means developing a more comprehensive performance assessment framework. Key recommendations include:

  1. Share examples of exceptional performance by peacekeepers. The Secretariat should develop a database of different complex and challenging scenarios that peacekeepers have been confronted with in the field for us in training exercises. As part of this, the Secretariat should also identify and share examples and case studies of instances where peacekeepers have performed exceptionally well in the field, for use as part of those training exercises. This could include direction for missions to more effectively utilize the U7 training function as part of inmission training for military components.
  2. Strengthen performance assessment in the Secretariat. The Secretariat and member states should examine options to strengthen the functions of the Office for Strategic Peacekeeping Partnerships including through more political and financial support. The Secretariat should be effectively resourced to proactively communicate information on the priority of different training gaps and needs so that member states can concentrate their support (including through the Light Coordination Mechanism).
  3. Strengthen accountability through ‘theories of change’. Building on efforts to strengthen performance through the Comprehensive Performances Assessment System, the mission leadership team should use ‘theories of change’ or change management strategies to map out a shared vision of the path of the desired change during mission planning and implementation at all levels and to inform efforts to assess the performance of a mission.