1. Assess the type of information and analysis needed from the ground to inform the work of pen-holders and Council members when mandating missions.
    Stakeholder action: Think tanks/researchers
  1. As part of mandate development, the Security Council should engage more substantively with entities such as the Peacebuilding Commission, regional stakeholders and/or ‘Groups of Friends’, and consider revised working methods or processes to draft more focused mandates.
    Stakeholder action: Security Council
  1. Mission leadership should oversee the development of a mission-wide communications strategy that identifies, among other things, key actors and audiences, and this should be an indicator in senior mission leadership compacts.
    Stakeholder action: Secretariat, Field missions
  1. Analysis should be focused on ‘Peace and Conflict Analysis’ as part of planning or mandate development, and include a focus on the drivers of peace as well as conflict, in order to provide actionable recommendations to inform the political strategy of the mission and its contribution to peace and security.
    Stakeholder action: Secretariat, Field missions, Think tanks/researchers