Women, peace and security

Efforts to advance women, peace and security through the A4P agenda are focused on the full, equal and meaningful participation of women in peace processes, integrating gender perspectives into all stages of peace operations, and increasing the number of women in uniformed and civilian roles at all levels in peace operations. Key recommendations include:

  1. Gather, analyse and apply gender disaggregated data. The UN Secretariat, with the support of think tanks, should gather and analyze gender disaggregated data across UN peace operations at different phases of missions in order to identify women’s roles and contributions to peace operations and ensure this data is included in reporting to the Security Council. Such data would assist in understanding the participation of in different leadership positions throughout the mission lifecycle. Mission personnel and the leadership team should be accountable for including gender disaggregated data in their reporting and analysis.
  2. Increase the participation of women in peace operations. Member states and think tanks should undertake a comprehensive analysis of uniformed women’s participation at different stages in the cycle of a peace operation to identify the barriers to their participation and mechanisms to encourage T/PCCs to increase the deployment of women to the field. The Secretariat should revise and assess the selection criteria for mission leadership positions, in order to address barriers to women’s participation.
  3. Integrate gender advice across peace operations. Member States should maintain the support for the inclusion of gender advisor posts within missions and at an appropriate level of seniority throughout mandating and budgetary processes, and mission leadership should be held accountable for their effective utilization of these posts in the field.