Berlin Workshop Report 2012

The Future Is Now: Putting Scenarios for Peace Operations in 2025 in Today’s Operational Context Challenges Forum Research Workshop, Berlin, 15–16 October 2012.

The world of peace operations has changed tremendously in recent decades and will surely continue to do so in the future. That’s not exactly news. But how will it change? What will be the drivers and key factors, what will be the landscape for change? What kinds of conflict will we face and what concepts, instruments and resources will we have to face them? In other words: How could the peace operations world look in the year 2025?
Building on the contributions of an outstanding group of experts, practitioners but also non-insiders to peace operations, ZIF has applied modern scenario methodology to shed some light on these questions and “create” four scenarios upcoming discussions can built on.
The first Challenges Forum Research Workshop, held in Berlin on 15–16 October 2012, provided a space to discuss these scenarios and to identify implications for peace-operations-related work today. In this report, the key recommendations of the working groups are presented in more detail.